For a couple of years now there have been concerns about the location of the school bus stop on Henderson Valley Road (at the intersection where Henderson Valley, Mountain and Opanuku Roads meet).  Buses stopping to let children on and off on the brow of a hill on a main road is a concern for many parents and Henderson Valley residents.  
      While this may be an accepted situation for many urban suburbs, the Henderson Valley Residents Association and some parents in the area are of the view that a better alternative can be found for sleepy little Henderson Valley.  Plans have been made, Council was approached and approval was given just over a year ago for the bus stop to be moved from where the shelter still stands to a safer pozy outside the McClure family’s house at 1 Opanuku Road, only a few metres from its existing location, but well off the main road.
      This makes sense on many levels and most importantly offers  increased safety for our youngest residents and motorists.  The  new location also suits the bus company well, as their drivers  perform an odd little turning manouver from Opanuku into Grassmere Road, which aligns perfectly with the  new site.  Perfect.  That was until Council made plans to move the existing shelter to its new position outside 1 Opanuku Road.
      When approached for comment on the subject Mr McClure confirmed that while his family has no  objection to the bus stop being moved outside their house, they strongly object to the shelter itself being shifted there.  During the summer months  the  family are sometimes  disturbed late at night by youths using the bus shelter as a meeting point for drinks and vandalism, so having the shelter move even  closer to them is something they want to avoid.  
Mr McClure acknowledged that the intersection in question is dangerous but many near misses are caused by the usual poor intersection behaviour such as late  indication and lack of judgment, rather that the location of the shelter.  
      So, where to next?  Who knows!  One thing is for sure, even though it is no longer the official bus stop, the bus
shelter on Henderson Valley Road has never looked so fine.  Bizarrely, the Council have invested in a new roof and signage recently. While we’re hopeful that a solution would be found eventually, we’d be interested to hear your comments or suggestions on an alternative location or plan that could see this matter brought to an end.